Johannes – The Worst Comic Strip for Best Friends (and Enemies)

Now available from Amazon, Johannes 1 is the perfect gift on that special day.

This offbeat five-panel comic strip has the best of both worlds: beautiful stories told through beautiful pictures. And warm and fuzzy violence.

For a taster, see previously published strips here.

Better as Paperback

Johannes I (the worst comic strip in the Johannes Cinematic Universe (JCU)) is available as a 80-page paperback from Amazon. Also available as a slightly more expensive e-book version because the paperback is so much nicer.

Collectibles available as NFTs on OpenSea.

About Johannes

Johannes is the ultimate underdog. He’s the champion of the unlucky and the unloved. This is his story.

In mere five panels, Johannes experiences life in all its glory. Sometimes he dies at the end, but he always gets up – to die another day.

But it’s not all gloom for Johannes. Wedged deep between his three strands of hair is a glimmer of hope. That dies with him in the next panel.

The Best Gag Gift of 2022

Is your mortal enemy having their birthday soon? Don’t know what you’d get but you still feel like you should get something because sometime in the 00s you made a mess in the bathroom (and said inappropriate things to their in-laws)…

Get them a copy of Johannes I. It’s the perfect combination of thoughtful gift-giving and mindless consumption. Only $9.90.

With 80 pages of unique, never-before-seen Johannes comic strips, they’ll surely go “Oh, you got me… okay, cool… what’s this… Oh my, is that what I think that is… That’s gross. Hah. Yeah… so yeah.”

“Some say that Finland doesn’t really exist. I say… what is existence? I mean really?”

Finnish (allegedly) author of Johannes, Jukka Aalho



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